Forex Trading Tips – Part 3

Forex Trading Tips - Part 3 1

Forex Trading Tips, Welcome to part 3. If you have bothered to keep reading until now, you must be enjoying my articles, right? We continue on, our journey, exploring some new forex trading tips to help you either get started or improve your trading skills. Make sure you have read part two before you keep reading. I hope you are taking notes about these secrets to trading the forex markets successfully.

In the last article (part two) of forex trading tips, we went through the concepts of keeping your greed in check with respect to the amount of leverage you take with your trades. Also, I recommended you go out and sort yourself out with a trading strategy. You must be independent when you trade as well as confident in your trading. We also discussed you, “the trader” are a LOSER.

Trade with the volume. Don’t trade in the off-peak hours. (unless you are really confident) The reason is that there is no volume, and the larger institutional traders may be using this time to hedge their positions. So as you watch the markets when you first start off, notice when your currency pais are especially active. Note when the markets for the countries whose currency pairs you are trading open and close. Knowing this information is vital, as sometimes these are the times when forex prices gap by large amounts.

Follow the white rabbit. Or rather, the black rabbit. What I mean is, follow that black line on your screen. Yes, that line. What line? I’m talking about the trendline that you arbitrarily drew on your trading screen. It depends on your system what time scale you are looking at with your trendline, but always remember to trade with the trend. If the market is going up, it’s going up. If it is going down, it’s going down. Simple. Bullish markets. Bearish markets. You can’t predict the future from past trends but acknowledge that sometimes there is a pattern – the trend that the market usually follows for a certain amount of time. Trade with the crowd – not against it. Think about what happens to you if you try to walk against a herd of people exiting a football stadium? You would find you would probably make no progress.

Trade forex on news and data releases. Almost all foreign exchange currency movements occur when news or some critical data is released. As a retail trader, you have to be careful. Sometimes, there may be some delay between the release of the news and when it reaches us. Assume that the banks know everything far in advance of us, the retail traders. Because it is true. They are in the industry, word spreads fast in industry as some of you can attest in your own professions. So give in to the fact that sometimes, or almost all the time, you as a trader would not be fully disclosed to everything the big institutional traders know. Just follow their tails. Follow the white rabbit.

So, we’ve covered three more things: trade with the volume, trade with the trend and be wary about news releases as those are the times that the forex markets are especially active. Come back for more in part 4.

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