Lessons From a Millionaire Super Trader

Lessons From a Millionaire Super Trader 1

Lessons From a Millionaire, In one of the most famous trading experiments of all time legendary trader Richard Dennis took a group of people who had never traded before and trained them in two weeks – The result? These traders made millions in trading profits and if you learn how they did it, you can enjoy long term trading success.

The experiment was conducted to show that anyone could win, if they had the right education but what is staggering is these traders learned to trade quickly and also all achieved success and the following points will show you how you can win too.

1. The Best Trading Strategies are Always Simple

This has always been true and there is a simple reason why – simple strategies have less inputs or parameters and are therefore more robust and more likely to make money and the one taught in the experiment only took two weeks to learn which shows how simple it was.

2. Focus On and Trade Long Term Trends

Most losers focus on trading a lot and putting in a lot of effort but while they work hard they end up losing money. The best Forex traders trade trends which can last for weeks or months and not only do they make bigger profits, they also spend less effort making them.

The system Dennis taught his pupils was a long term trading strategy which focused on trading price action via breakouts which is a method of trading which will always make money.

3. Learn to Lose Correctly if you Want to Make Huge Gains

The system lost over 70% of its trades bit the winners were so big, they covered the losses and made the traders millions. Many traders think the key to winning is getting a high percentage of trades right but its not – its the difference in size between your winners and your losing trades which is the key to success.

4. Your Psychology is the Key to Success

If you trade Forex you are going to encounter losses and when most traders have a loss it hurts their ego and they run it and get wiped out. All the traders who used the method taught by Dennis thought the system was easy to learn but the hard part was following it with discipline.

They did as they were told though and they made a lot of money. If you want to win trade with discipline at all times and follow your plan and keep in mind, if you can’t follow a plan with discipline – you don’t have a plan at all!

You can Win at Forex Trading

You may not make as money as the traders above but you can see that you can to can enjoy Forex trading success. You only need a simple trading strategy and if you adopt the right mindset you can enjoy a great second income in 30 minutes a day.

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