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Secure Forex, The software trading system behind Feeder Fund was developed by their senior trader over a 12 year period of testing and trading. He has worked on the development of the precursor UNIX system back in the University Of Berkeley, CA, so he knows a thing or two about computers and programming. One of the most important aspects of the trading system was the provision of accurate price data and when this became readily available in 2000, the final development produced some amazing results.

After more testing, the system went onto live trading in May 2002 and basically hasn’t looked back, OR DOWN, since then. With our experience at Feeder Fund, we have never seen a system able to create such high and consistent results. To our minds, this is as close to the holy grail of trading as you can get.

Their senior trader initially traded for himself and a number of close friends, but he joined forces with Simon, a marketer, and Feeder Fund was launched in November 2004. Since that time, the group has had many multi-million dollar offers to buy the system, but the senior trader’s desire has been, and still is, to help the small guy get his children through school, rather than see the extraordinary benefits go to making the Wall Street financiers even richer.

We have full ID of the principals and have checked out the personal and business backgrounds. The senior trader has had a stable and successful business career and is well known and respected in his field. We have spoken to the principal brokers and viewed limited but verified reports showing multi-million dollar margin accounts and significant profits. Our view is that Feeder Fund represents a negligible fraud risk.
The minimum to invest through a Feeder Fund pooled account is US $50.
For more information or any questions, go to>. Click on the Contact page and e-mail us.

Forex Trading Systems and Strategies Education…

Your forex trading education is absolutely crucial to your success. Do not start trading right away. You should give yourself at least five to six months to learn everything about the forex market and forex trading systems. You can easily find different resources online. However, make sure you are learning with material created by professional forex traders. Avoid scams and methods advertised as a way of getting rich quickly, and start with material adapted to your level so you can progress toward more complex concepts as you gain a better understanding of the fx market. After six months of intensive forex trading training, you should have a very good idea of how to make money on the forex market.

Practice Accounts

Even when you think you have finished your education, do NOT start risking money trading right away! You need to practice to validate your knowledge. Create a demo forex trading account with a good broker and start practicing. Trading with a demo account means you are either practicing within a simulation or trading with very small amounts of money. Use your demo account to apply what you learned, test different forex trading systems and strategies, and observe the mechanisms of the market for yourself. You should keep track of how you are doing with your demo account to make sure you are actually making progress towards developing the best FX trading system for you. Give yourself at least several months and only start trading with real money once you can make a virtual profit with your demo account.

Money To Lose?

Take things slowly at first. You should only trade with the money you can afford to lose, which means you will probably be very limited at first. This will teach you patience – a key attribute of the successful 5% of people who are using forex trading systems in today’s markets.

Invest your money carefully after you learn more about the current trend and what is going on with the currency market. Unless you are naturally very technical-minded, avoid analyzing the market yourself; it can be useful to study reports published daily by professional traders. You can easily find these records on blogs, RSS feeds or Twitter. However, it’s a good idea to write down your own forex trading analysis to find out whether or not you were right later, but do not follow your own analysis until you are a professional trader yourself.

Following the trend is a smart thing to do, unless you have a good reason to believe things are going to change quickly. Establish a very simple trading strategy for yourself: diversify your investments, keep track of them and use stop limits to get your money back.

Forex Trading Strategies – Day Trading?

Be aware that forex day trading is a particular trading specialism and requires a large working capital. Only the very experienced trader should therefore embark on the forex day trading path. Making money with FX takes years of training and practice. Keep track of your performance and do not hesitate to go back to square one and do more research about forex if you are not making any money on the long-term. Learn to trade responsibly by re-investing your profits in the best investments available and minimizing your losses as much as you can. Always evaluate your risks and your rewards carefully, and never trade on a gut feeling.

Becoming Successful at Forex

Follow these tips and get started with forex trading. With patience, hard work, learning and constant reviews of your progress, you will eventually become a successful trader using sound forex trading systems, plans and methods.

Want to learn more about how to start as a forex trader but don’t know where to start?

A strong understanding of the basic principles for success in FX trading is ESSENTIAL, or you risk losing your trading capital FAST (like some people who think they don’t need forex trading training [] ).

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