This Tip Can Increase Your Profits Instantly

This Tip Can Increase Your Profits Instantly 1

Increase Your Profits Instantly, I have taught or acted as broker for around 6,000 traders and from my experience, in my own trading and watching others, there is one simple tip you can incorporate in your Forex trading strategy which will increase your gains and here it is…

It based on the 80 – 20 rule which is used in many areas of life and in business for example the rule states 80% of your sales and profits, are likely to come from just 20% of your clients and in Forex it means this:

80% of your profits, are likely to come from just 20% of your trades and the fact is most traders’ trade to much!

They make the following assumptions which are completely wrong and lose:

They want to trade the short term noise and try day trading and scalping – but as all volatility is random they lose.

Other traders want to be in the market all the time, in case they miss a move but you don’t need to be in the market to spot a move, you can wait and see it then act and this puts the odds on your side.

Other traders simply think the more effort they put in and the more trades they make, will mean the market will reward them with profits – but this is simply not so.

In Forex trading, you don’t get rewarded for effort, you get rewarded for being right with your trading signal and that’s it.

An Easy Stress Free Way to Make Triple Digit Gains

I know traders who trade less than once a month and make triple digit profits, because they wait for the best opportunities and focus on making money – they dot work hard they know the way to make money is to work smart!

Look at any Fore chart and you will see big trends and these are the ones to lock into and hold, there is no point in trying to force the market to give you profits, Forex trading is simply not like that.

You need to have the patience to wait for the right opportunities and then hit them hard, when you see them; it’s as simple as that.

So if you want to win on more trades, make bigger profits, in less time, with less stress – Think about the 80 – 20 rule and you can get on the road to currency trading success!


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Forex success is open to anyone, as everything about successful trading can be learned. While 95% of traders lose, they don’t use because they can’t learn, they simply get the wrong education,believe myths or can’t trade with discipline but if you are serious about making money at Forex simply follow the tips enclosed.

The first tip is one that most traders ignore and it causes them to lose and it’s this.

1. No One Else Will Make You Money!

There are literally thousands of get rich quick robots and sure fire systems which tell you, that you can make a great income with no effort and any trader who believes this message losses money. If these systems really did work, the vendor wouldn’t sell them so cheaply, as he would be to busy trading his way to a fortune. If you want to achieve Forex success, you need to do your homework but for the effort you need to make, the results can be life changing

2. Forex Trading is Simple
The basics of Forex trading are simple because, simple strategies work far better than complex ones and the reason for this is they are more robust, with fewer elements to break. You can learn a simple system in just a few weeks and your all set to make some great gains, after you have understood the next point.

3. Forex Trading Success Needs the Correct Mindset

If you are expecting to win most of the time and feel clever – don’t trade Forex. Most new traders believe the rubbish that’s written online about trading with 90% plus accuracy which is laughable; the best systems win around 30 – 50% of the time and the way they make money is to keep their losses small.

Its a fact that the major reason traders lose money, is because they let losses get out of control. The to winning and enjoying Forex trading success is to keep your losses under control and then, run the big trends. This requires mental discipline and you need to have it if you are going to win, if you make the choice to trade with discipline Forex trading success can be yours.

You Can Earn a Triple Digit Income Trading Forex!

Anyone can, if they follow the simple steps above and apply a simple robust system with discipline so if you want to become a successful currency trader from home you can.

Everybody that starts out in forex trading asks the question, what is the route to forex success? The answer however is not an easy task. The forex market is the most volatile market in the financial world, with 3 trillion dollars being traded everyday it is a harsh reality that 80% of bedroom traders loose on an overall basis. In this article I am going to point out some routes you can take to maximise forex success.

There are many programs available on the internet that claim to completely automate your forex trading success. The problem is for a complete beginner these systems are very daunting to say the least and without a marginal bit of market experience you are destined for failure. I would certainly recommend getting some understanding of the market through free forum training like “baby pips” before going down this route if you really have too. In fact I would recommend taking some free training and having a practice on a demo account for a couple of months before trading live.

There are certain attributes that make forex success and they consist of; patience, control and above all more patience. I have seen so many want to be forex traders take a glance at the charts and say it looks like it is going down and straight away slap a quick trade on, only to wonder why it suddenly shot up in the wrong direction. The market is very unpredictable but with the right knowledge it is possible to make consistent profits. It is important to pick an entry point and wait for the trade to reach that entry point and not try to get in early.

One of the best routes to forex success is to trade in a forex club, this has the advantage of being coordinated by a professional trader who already has the much needed experience. Forex clubs usually consist of a group of people trading live on a webinar with the influence of the professional. Your trades are kept separate and you make the choice of whether you are going to copy the professional or not or how much you wish to trade.

The advantage of a forex club and its attributes to forex success is that it has all the experience as an automated system making the decisions, plus it has the human touch for when the market does the unexpected. The cost of having a professional forex trader teach you the ways of successful forex would be very expensive but in a group this cost can be shared amongst the candidates.

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